Tech Talk Videos

April 2019 Tech Talk:

  • Suspension tuning
  • Air Filter issues
  • Long Term storage todo's

November 2018 Tech Talk Part 1:

  • Remove your belt
  • Cleaning and maintaining your clutch
  • How does a clutch work

November 2018 Tech Talk Part 2:

  • Belt Inspection
  • How to make your belt last longer

December 2018 Tech Talk Part 1:

  • How to plug a tire
  • How to change a tire without a jack out on the trail
  • Radios - Explanation of different types and how to use them

January 2019 Tech Talk:

  • 50 Hour and 100 Service differences
  • Shock and Spring adjustments

February 2019 Tech Talk:

Trail Belt Changing

March 2019 Tech Talk

The inner workings of your clutch and proper belt installation

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